AirbnbでSan Antonioの宿泊先を探す

AirbnbでSan Antonioの宿泊先を探す


San Antonioの宿泊先

San Antonioの宿泊先
A great spot to unwind after a long trip or a hectic week in the city, our #AgtaNest is cozy and clean, with many nooks. The neighbours are retirees and our old building is quiet at night. It is a 20sqm 3RD FLOOR UNIT in the rainforest 20 mins drive from Subic Bay CBD. 5 mins to Subic airport, JEST, waterfalls and beaches. 10 mins to Treetop Adventure. Ideal for couples, adventurers, triathletes, or business travellers looking for a quiet weekend, or a workspace with a view. @thenestbythesea
We designed this space to be a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. There are several nooks to lie back and relax - read a book, write a novel, or conquer the world from your laptop. We're on the 3rd floor of an old, run down building with no elevator. The parking lot is located right next to the building. Shaded parking areas can be found a little further away. Walking to the apartment, you will be rewarded with a partial view of the nearby Triboa Bay. Once you get to the unit, you'll find that our unit's view is mostly blocked by the rainforest. Our Agta Nest is a loft unit, and is half the size of our Ocean and Forest Nests which are located on the same floor. The door leads to the building's main hallway, and one wall has jalousied windows looking out to the hallway, the forest, and the bay beyond. The room is equipped with an AC unit and a ceiling fan. In the main room is the Dining, Living, and Kitchen area where the Bathroom, TV, and hammock are located. In the loft is a queen sized bed good for 2 persons. The Bathroom has a half tub with hot and cold water. There's a curtain to keep the water from dripping onto the floor while showering. The sink is located in the kitchenette area. The Kitchenette is small but functional. There's cold drinking water in the fridge for our guests. Subic Water is potable, and we also have a chlorine filter installed under the sink for the drinking water. There's an electric stove for cooking, and a couple of pots and pans. There is a toaster in the cabinet closest to the bathroom door.
Cubi is one of the residential hills in Subic Bay. It's overlooking the water and it's a nice place to walk around to watch the sun set on The Bay. There are a couple of convenience stores nearby where you can get simple meals and basic necessities. For other needs, there are a few groceries and markets in Subic Bay CBD (Central Business District), about 15 minutes drive from the Agta Nest. Cubi is also a great place to watch for birds, bats, monkeys and other wildlife. Bat Kingdom is just a 5-minute walk down the road from our Agta Nest. It's best to go just before sunset to watch the bats from the roadside. Bring a hat to protect your head from bat droppings! For the adventure seekers, there is a nearby waterfall that is about 20 mins hike from the apartment (go to JEST camp for a guide to Boton falls, or book an AirBNB experience with us). You can explore Cubi on our bamboo bicycles for a rental fee of P500/bike/day. We have 2 bikes available. There are several beaches nearby. Our favourite cheap beach just a short drive (20 minutes) from the Agta Nest is Sweet Water beach. It's a great place to watch the sunset or go for a swim. Camayan (15 minutes drive) is a nice beach with a restaurant, but the entrance fees are a little pricey. Acea Resort is just down the road (15 minutes walk or 2 min drive) and they have day packages which you can avail of. For scuba diving, Subic Bay has some nice wrecks. Summer is the best time to go when the water is clearer. Let us know if you need help finding a dive shop and we'll set you up. Advanced divers only. We highly recommend a speedboat day trip to the nearby coves. The dock is just 10 minutes from the house and it's the quickest way to go see the nearby beaches. More info in our guide book, which you can access once your booking is complete. :) For snorkelling and Island hopping, we recommend Zambales. Just an hour drive away, a good day trip is island hopping to Capones Island Lighthouse with a stop over at Camara Island for some snorkelling and lunch on the beach. The jump off point is Pundakit in San Antonio, Zambales. Let us know, and we'll connect you with our friends who have a boat there. Pundakit is also a great place to find surf from June-February.
  • 私たちの記念日を祝い、リラックスするのに最適な場所です!確かに、この場所は本当に美しく、穏やかで、ロマンチックでもあります!!!私たちは本当に滞在を楽しんだ!!ここで幸せなカップル!!!

    Angel Grace2020-01-04T00:00:00Z
  • タマラの場所は本当に信じられないほどでした! 10/10場所はまさに説明どおりで、まるで家のように感じられました。

  • 場所は私の期待を超えています。古い建物の中に場所を見つけるのは衝撃的でした。場所は私たちが期待した以上のものを提供してくれました。彼らはリストに忠実であり続けた。 Netflixでのインターネット速度は良いですか?朝ごはん?ハンモック?彼らはそれをすべて持っています。ちなみにかわいい壁のリマインダー。チャンスがあれば間違いなく戻ってくるでしょう。

  • その場所には本当にネットフリックスと冷静な雰囲気があります。滞在中は巣に泊まり、料理、食事、Netflixの鑑賞をお楽しみください。それはすっごく居心地が良かったので、ベッドはあなたを引っ張ります!キッチンはとてもキュートで素晴らしいです。必要なものはすべて揃っています。 Airbnbのすべての説明は、巣で期待できるものです。それは小さな場所ですが、あなたはきっとあなたのパートナーと充実した時間を過ごすでしょう

  • 期待を超える!滞在自体は経験でした。強くお勧めします。

  • Agta Nestで素晴らしい滞在ができました。ユニットにはコーヒー、バナナ、オート麦などの朝食コーナーが備わっているため、朝食について心配する必要はありません!また、冷蔵庫の牛乳、バター、カラマンシジュース(これは驚くべきことでした)を高く評価しました。ベッドはとても居心地が良く、CRはとてもきれいで、リビングルームは夢です。また泊まりたいです!

  • 場所は本当に素敵で寒かったです!街からの休暇に最適です。素敵な環境と応答性の高いホスト。 :)

  • 場所はとても素敵で居心地が良かった。無料のパン、バナナ、卵、その他の朝食用アイテムがあります。間違いなくまたここに泊まるでしょう!

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    Subic Bay Freeport Zone , Central Luzon, フィリピン

    Welcome to the Artists Loft! Our newest room! This unique 2nd floor studio space is a studio for Roy's Tropical Art. Sleeps 2-6 The veranda overlooks the West Philippine Sea. Simply fresh ocean breezes and sun and sand. Downstairs is a large well equipped kitchen and CR bathroom on the main floor. The Loft utilizes an experimental solar hot water system and has a unique tropical style! Located at the Casa Santa Luzviminda property. 260 square feet or 24 square meters in the loft area.
    Basic beach living in a cozy loft. The room is big enough for 2-6 persons plus bags. (Base rate good for 2pax) The upstairs loft comes AC + fan wi-fi and large flat screen cable TV .. and sleeping area and a great view. Downstairs on the mail floor you can find a full CR with sink, rain shower, and western style toilet. The large downstairs kitchen is fully equipped and exclusive for the use of the Artist's Loft guests. Great swimming beach.. clean and large shallows for family fun!
    Our property is located in a small fishing village on the coast. It is a quiet rural area, the small fishing boats go out and return each day. We host a local Sunday School and the kids love to entertain those guests looking for a local experience. The kids can take our guests on a walking tour and ride the carabao and passing by their homes for a visit ;-) Please PM for details on this adventure!
  • ロイとジョアンは親切なホストでした。そこに私たちの世話をした2人の女性と同様。 Ate Nitzはもう1人でした。彼らは私たちの要求に対応し、とても親しみやすいものでした。それは商業化された経験のようには感じませんでしたが、彼らと一緒に家にいるようなものです。とてもリラックスした経験でした。私たちの小さな家族は私たちにビーチをすべて持っていたので、間違いなくプラスです

  • RoyとJoanneは典型的な完璧なホストでした。私たちは到着した瞬間からとても快適でここをくつろいでいました。 どこから始めれば。 第一に、場所は山々を背景とし、夕日と完璧に並ぶビーチのすぐそばに設定されていました。 次に、宿泊施設は素晴らしく、Roy自身の素晴らしい油絵で飾られていました。そして必要なものがすべて揃った大きなキッチン。 そして最後に、Joanneの美味しい家庭料理の特別な言及で、彼らは最高級の食材を調達することに細心の注意を払っています。ザンバレスのマンゴーのパンケーキは、ロイの自家製ソーセージと同じくらい最高でした。私達の娘は彼らの安っぽいオムレツを十分に手に入れることができなかった。 RoyとJoanneのおかげで、これは本当に素晴らしい休暇でした、そして我々は戻ってくるのを待つことができません。

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    Cabangan, フィリピン

    Artist's Loft at the Casa
    価格:$88 /一泊
    Kiddie hostel is a kids friendly hostel. We, as parent, goal to create a relax place for parents while kids enjoying the entertainments in the hostel. We have prepared different kind of toys such as sliding, tent, blocks, play set of doctor, kitchen, IKEA wooden train trail, ice cream...etc so that kids will definitely enjoy the time in Kiddie hostel. Hostel has its own safety parking with gate. Maximum 2 cars you can park here!! Don't need to worry for the parking.
    The 3 storey apartment is 150 square meters big(50sqm for each storey) It's very homey with internet and international channels on HD Cable TV. What we love most about this apartment is its classy vibe. You'll feel right at home in the first 5 minutes you step foot in this apartment. The 2 bedroom apartment is fully furnished with the following details: Master's bedroom -One double size matress with 2 pillows, comforter and sheets. -One queen size bed with 2 pillows, comforter and sheets. -42" TV - airconditioner -Owned bathroom with hot and cold shower, towels, free tooth paste, shampoo and soap for guest. 2nd bedroom - 1 bunk(double deck) for 2 kids(or adult) with 2 pillows, 2 comforters - aircon -Many choices of toys -Owned bathroom with hot and cold shower, towels, free tooth paste, shampoo and soap for guest. Living Room - cable tv - wifi internet with optional lan connection (bring your own cord) - 3+2+1 leather sofa - aircon Kitchen and Dining Area - Cooking is allowed - induction cooker, kettle, rice cooker - microwave, fridge -dining ware for 6(fork, spoon, cups, plates) - Toilet Location (base on google map) Stores -Local market-5mins -SM olongapo-5 mins -Ayala Harbor point-10mins Beaches -Inflatable Island 17 mins -All hands beach 18 mins -Ocean View 15mins -Blue Rock 24 mins -Camayan 30mins -Ocean Adventure Beaches 30mins -Moonbay Marina 18 mins Others -Zoobic Safari 30mins
  • 私の家族はとても幸せで、家の美しさと清潔さに驚く。非常にフレンドリーな管理人も...所有者のおかげで、彼女は迅速に対応し、どんな質問にもオープンです。ハイタッチ!子供連れの家族におすすめ。ありがとう

    Jailour Ann2019-12-27T00:00:00Z
  • チェンズプレイスは家族連れに最適です。私は専用バスルームが大好きで、家は広々としています

    Jenny Lyn „Sinead“2019-12-22T00:00:00Z
  • 私と私の友人はスービックに行ってaudaxに参加しました。そして、この場所は私たちにぴったりです。間違いなくここに再び滞在します。

  • それは私たち自身の家のように感じています❤️素晴らしいサービスをありがとう、チェンさんとクヤ・ソニー!次回まで!

  • 私たちは家とすべての家具が大好きです。インテリアデザインが大好きです。非常にきれいな。良い場所。全室に集中型エアコン。キッチンには排気ファンがありませんので、調理後に食べ物の臭いがします。 :) 私の子供たちはおもちゃと二階建ての家が大好きです。ホストは非常に反応が良いので、管理人のソニー。強くお勧めします。

  • 素晴らしい滞在、場所は非常に広々とした清潔で手入れの行き届いた、食品機関やショッピングモールの近くに。

  • 素晴らしいアパート 家のすべての設備と子供たちは絶対にそれを愛した 彼がいつも手助けをしてくれた管理人のSonnyに感謝します

  • 私の家族はチェンの場所で私たちの滞在を楽しんだ。リラックスした雰囲気があり、すぐに快適に過ごせました。

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    Olongapo, Central Luzon, フィリピン

    Kiddie Hostel Unit4
    価格:$90 /一泊




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