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Carefully refurbished Holiday Cottage amidst a picturesque mountain village of 900 inhabitants, close to the coastline, with marvelous views on Ionic Sea, Strait of Messina, Taormina and Etna. Authentic village atmosphere.

Our holiday cottage «Casa La Zagara» („orange blossom“) is situated in the center of picturesque mountain town Forza d’Agrò, perched 15km off Taormina and 420m above the sea on a hill crest, with its breathtaking views on the coastline, the Strait of Messina and over to mainland Calabria, on Taormina and Mt Etna. While preserving its authentic Sicilian village atmosphere, Forza nevertheless offers a wide variety of restaurants suiting each taste and wallet. A small grocery store is located right across the street; bakery, post office, pharmacy, gas station and ATM machine are close by. The next beach is a 5km drive away; hiking trails start right at your doorstep.

The cottage itself has three floors with one room each. In the upper floor, a a spacious and pleasantly furnished kitchen-cum-living room, fully equipped with stove, oven, dishwasher and washing machine. A cosy pellet fireplace provides heat to the whole house in winter. In summer, the balcony may be used for breakfast while enjoying the view over the strait of Messina. Behind the house there is a shady little place. Middle and lower floor each consist of a bedroom and bathroom. WiFi internet access is available.


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Forza d'Agrò、シチリア島、イタリア

Casa La Zagara lies in the midst of little town Forza d’Agrò, housing its 900 inhabitants 420 metres high above the eastern Sicilian coastline on a prominent rock. Looking down from the balcony on the narrow main street you may watch Carmela, friendly and helpful owner of the small alimentari on the other side sitting on the curb and cleaning her vegetables for the minestrone. Apart from the occasional motorino roaring past, the only noise you might hear is the cats playing in the sunshine. The view stretches over the roofs and way down to the coastline, where one beach town strings to another, and over the Straits of Messina to the Calabrian mainland coast.

Starting directly at the back front door, a footpath leads you all the way up to the ruins of a Normannic-Saracenian XII century fort, which is completely dilapidated and only erratically open for visitors. Inside the castle walls the locals until recently have run their cemetery, now too falling apart, so the innocent visitor should prepare to stumble over some creepy bones...

The town itself builds in a concentric manner around the castle, the inner layer consisting of predominantly derelict simple stone cottages. Meanwhile, some of the houses and palazzi of the Sicilian Baroque built around this inner layer have been refurbished in a quite impressive fashion. The outer shell consists of rather carelessly architected modern buildings which should not deceive your first impression of the place.

Forza d’Agrò’s town centre is dominated by the church of „Santissima Maria Annunziata e Assunta“, which despite its impressive architecture, is much more often visited by fans of the „Padrino“ saga, where it has short appearances in all three parts.

Perched on a hill opposite the town centre is a recently renovated XVI century Augustinian convent. To get to it, you will have to walk beyond a fine Durazzesco gate.

However, Forza’s real attractions are the spectacular views on the Mediterranean Sea, to Taormina and over to Mount Etna, and its relaxed village atmosphere, far from being spoiled by the occasional day tourist. And still, you will find everything in this place you need, two small „alimentari“ shops, a butcher, a pharmacy, even a tiny petrol station. And an amazing number of simple to excellent restaurants catering to every taste.


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Enrica ist gebürtige Italienerin und Rechtsanwältin in Frankfurt am Main. Sie wäre aber eigentlich viel lieber Architektin geworden, und so hat sie mit unserer "Casa La Zagara" bereits das zweite Häuschen in Forza d'Agrò renoviert und mit viel Liebe zum Detail eingerichtet. Jonas ist der erste Sohn aus erster Ehe des zweiten Mannes von Enrica. Hat lange Jahre in Spanien gewohnt und darüber sein ganzes Italienisch vergessen, nicht aber die Liebe zu Sizilien. Arbeitet jetzt als Neurologe in der Schweiz. Manchmal gehen auch Gunther (zweiter Mann von E. und erster Vater von J.) oder Daniel (erster Sohn von E. und zweiter Sohn von G.) ans Telefon. Enrica is a natural-born Italian and a lawyer in Frankfurt, Germany. However, she'd always rather been an architect, so it's no surprise that with our "Casa La Zagara" she's already refurbished the second cottage in Forza d'Agrò with great detail and love. Jonas is the first son out of Enrica's second husband's first marriage. Has lived long years in Spain and thus forgotten all his Italian but never his love with Sicily. Works as a neurologist in Switzerland. Sometimes also Gunther (E.'s second husband and J.'s first father) or Daniel (E.'s first and G.'s second son) will pick up the phone.
Enrica ist gebürtige Italienerin und Rechtsanwältin in Frankfurt am Main. Sie wäre aber eigentlich viel lieber Architektin geworden, und so hat sie mit unserer "Casa La Zagara" ber…
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