Adobe Agave Green Boutique Rental: Apt 2

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Adobe Agave's Apt. 2 is:
a light & airy apartment;
a favorite with Adobe Agave's returning guests;
filled with thoughtful touches to make your stay comfortable & enjoyable;
accommodates up to three adults in two beds;
features a full-sized, well-equipped kitchen;
all natural fiber bed & bath linens;
many thoughtful amenities;
and is just a short walk to Historic Downtown, local attractions,
Boston Hill hiking trails & WNMU.
Adobe Agave has a STRICT NO SMOKING policy.

Foot thick adobe built earth walls offer a quiet and comfort in this historic building technique.
Mexican, southwest and original local art and tasteful furnishings.
We offer natural fiber bed and bath linens, a separate bedroom and living space, as well as a fully-equipped full-sized kitchen with dining area.
An eclectic apartment library.
Fast wireless Internet access & satellite TV included.

You will be renting an entire, private, fully furnished and well-equipped apartment in the centrally located Historic District of Silver City.

There is assigned off-street parking for one regular-sized vehicle per guest rental apartment. [Extra-long trucks and/or vehicles towing trailers/campers/etc. are required to park on the street at the end of Adobe Agave around the corner of E Street and Yankee. We do ask that all guests respect the assigned parking spaces and make sure that their guests do not park in the assigned parking in front of other apartments.]

There are communal front and rear garden areas where you can enjoy a morning cup of coffee or glass of wine in the evenings that is shared with other guests, Adobe Agave owners/residents, their friends and family members (though generally we do not entertain in the communal garden areas when there are paying guests here at Adobe Agave).

There are also additional add-on amenities such a BBQ grill and seasonal/regulated fire pit use.

Additional standard Adobe Agave amenities include:
High Speed Wireless Internet
Satellite DirecTV
Flat Screen Smart TV
Queen Bed and IKEA Single Daybed w/ 100% Cotton & Natural Fiber Bed Linens
Corner Shower w/ Handheld Shower
100% Cotton &/Or Natural Fiber Bath Linens
Hair dryer
Organic Paraben-free & Phthalate-free Bath Amenities
Organic Fair Trade Coffee Beans
Coffee Grinder
Your Choice of French Press, Pour-Over, or Aero-Press Coffee Makers
Basket of Assorted Herb & Black Teas
Organic Cane Sugar and Organic Stevia Sweeteners
Coffee Creamer (choice of dairy or non-dairy)
Small Appliances (blender, hand mixer, toaster, microwave, etc.)
Himalayan Pink Salt & Peppercorn Grinders & Assorted Spices
Cuisinart Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel Cookware
Iron and ironing board (upon request)
Well-stocked Reading Library
A/C in Living Area & Wall Furnace / Electric Radiator Heating
Private Pink Adobe Brick Walled Rear Communal Guest Garden
Open Front Entry Gardens with Communal Sitting Area
Rear Garden Charcoal Grill (available a per fire-marshall's seasonal ruling / as an add-on amenity)
Rear Garden Communal Fire-pit (available a per fire-marshall's seasonal ruling / as an add-on amenity)

Re: Pets & Minors:
All pets and minors must be under responsible adult supervision at all times in all communal areas.

Other pet rules and policies also apply - please be sure to read the House and Pet Rules.

Important Note:
Adobe Agave has a strict NO SMOKING policy to protect the clean air enjoyment and health of Adobe Agave guests, family members and staff.
With the four mild seasons here in Silver City, guests and residents often have their windows open and cigarette smoke enters the apartments. Therefore, there is no smoking allowed anywhere on the Adobe Agave property, indoors or outdoors, including the parking area.

All Booking Guests Understand, Acknowledge, and Agree to the Following Conditions, House Rules and Animal Rules and Booking/Reservation Conditions:

Adobe Agave Booking/Reservation Conditions:
At or prior to booking, the Booking Guest agrees that by placing a reservation for accommodations at Adobe Agave that the Booking Guest agrees:
to send a message via Airbnb online messaging to the host stating that the Booking Guest to accept responsibility and agrees to comply with the following rules, terms and conditions, both as follows and as found in the listing for reserved accommodation(s), for him- or herself, and further accepts responsibility that all members of their travel party and any of their guests who are not members of the Booking Guest's travel party will also abide by these terms while at Adobe Agave.
accepts responsibility to inform her- or himself and to inform both inform other members of the booking guest's traveling party, as well as any visiting family and/or friends who are not members of the Booking Guest's traveling party.
acknowledges and agrees to pay for any damages to Adobe Agave's structure, apartment contents and furnishings, exterior and gardens by the Booking Guest, as well as any member of the Booking Guest's party, or said party's guests, their pets or service animals cause.
acknowledges, accepts and will abide by the posted check-in and check-out times for Adobe Agave as stated in the apartment listing, and understands that if the booking guest cannot check-in within that time frame, it is understood and agreed that special arrangements will need to be made upon booking for a later check-in time, and that a later check-in time may incur an additional fee.
Since Adobe Agave advertises as a green, smoke-free establishment, Adobe Agave has a strict NO SMOKING rule. Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the premises - neither inside nor outside - nowhere on the premises at anytime or under any conditions. This is a nonnegotiable condition for reserving accommodations at Adobe Agave, and is grounds for canceling a reservation. While we very much appreciate your interest in Adobe Agave, we do recommend that if the Booking Guest or any member of their travel party or their guests while visiting Silver City might be unwilling to abide by this no smoking policy, that the Booking Guest find another vacation rental property here in Silver City that allows smoking. Please be sure to discuss this matter with Adobe Agave’s host, as well as with all members of your travel party, if any members of your party or visiting guests smokes and cannot comfortably abide by our no smoking policy. Any violation of this no smoking policy will incur a $275 cleaning fee in addition to any other cleaning fees and deposits (this amount is an industry standard) as smoking can adversely affect Adobe Agave’s business advertised as a smoke free environment.

House Rules
The Booking Guest agrees to respect and insure, and will also insure that any member of their travel party will respect and insure, the quiet enjoyment of Adobe Agave residents, other guests and neighbors
The Booking Guest and all members of that guest's travel party, as well as all said guests' visitors, their pets and service animals will respect Adobe Agave's Quiet Hours from 10:00 PM to 9:00 AM.
Unless otherwise having made prior arrangements with the host, no pets are allowed at Adobe Agave - including those pets of the Booking Guest, those of any member of the Booking Guest's travel party, and/or said guests' visitors. *ALL* pets and companion animals must first be registered with the host upon making the reservation.
No shoes or shedding pets on furniture (this includes ottomans).
In order to prevent accidents or damages, all guests agree to responsibly clean up any spilled beverages / liquids / foods immediately after the spill and to notify the host if assistance is needed to remove stains or take care of damages.
To leave the premises in clean and orderly condition so as not to incur additional cleaning fees

Parking Policy
One parallel off-street parking space per apartment for an average length vehicle is available per apartment reserved.
Booking Guests with extra-long vehicles, pulling trailers, etc. must advise host of their above average vehicle length parking needs prior to booking and understand they may have to park on public streets.
Guests with loud motorcycles and/or vehicles may not disturb the quiet enjoyment or sleep of Adobe Agave guests /residents nor that of Adobe Agave’s neighbors.
Adobe Agave guests are responsible to inform any and all visiting family and/or personal friends to not park in or block the parking allotted to other Abode Agave guests in the off street parking in front of Adobe Agave.

Pet Rules & Requirements
For Guests Traveling with Pets -
In order to insure the peaceful, quiet and safe enjoyment of Adobe Agave guests and pets, the Booking Guest agrees to abide by the following rules and terms, and to provide the host the following requested information via Airbnb Messaging :
Property host is provided with the number of pets, pet breed, age and size, shedding / non-shedding in your travel party before booking, and that there may be additional fees and/or pet deposit required upon check-in.
Please Note -
No shedding pets are allowed on any of the furnishings. The Booking Guest is responsible to provide furniture throws to protect Adobe Agave furnishings and bed linens, etc. Dogs are NOT allowed on the beds under any circumstances - unless the guest provides their own bed linens mattress pads.
All pets must be well-socialized /well-behaved with other guests, residents and neighbors, as well as other guest and neighborhood pets. It is very important that those traveling with a pet that is not well-socialized and that the pet owner cannot guarantee that their pet will not bite, start a fight, or in anyway harm other guests, residents or neighbors of Adobe Agave and/or those individuals' pets, that such pet owners understand Adobe Agave cannot accommodate such pets.
The Booking Guest agrees that all pets traveling with the booking guest will be under responsible adult supervision and control at all times, and understand that their pet(s) will never be unattended in the rear or front guest gardens (even at night "just to go pee").
Pets may not disturb other guests and residents quiet enjoyment of Adobe Agave, nor disturb Adobe Agave’s neighbors quiet enjoyment, and/or their pets.
All pets must be clean, flea & tick free upon arrival and during their stay at Adobe Agave.
All pets must be vaccinated, collared and tagged.
Pet owners must agree to obey Silver City leash laws - that all pets must be on leash out-of-doors and under the control of a responsible adult at all times.
The Booking Guest agrees to assume responsibility that their or their traveling party member's pet feces will be responsibly disposed of in plastic bags in the outside garbage receptacles, and NOT inside the apartments or left outside the apartment.
The Booking Guest accepts and agrees to pay any additional pet cleaning fees may be assessed to remove pet hair, any additional cleaning required (e.g., to remove pet urine, feces, and/or odors), and/or to pay any damages to Adobe Agave's interior or exterior contents, furnishings and gardens incurred by a their or a travel party member's pet.
The Booking Guest agrees to pay an additional $25.00 pet fee per night per pet for the duration of their stay in advance, as well as a pet deposit through Airbnb. [For guests with pets staying a week or longer, or those traveling with multiple pets, the pet fee and/or deposit may be discounted according to pets under consideration.]
The State of New Mexico has defined "service animals" and Adobe Agave operates in accordance with that definition and its requirements. These requirements include that the animal be well and specifically trained as a service animal for physical needs (e.g., a seeing eye dog, or a dog that notifies its owner of impending seizures / etc.) If any guests are traveling with a service animal, it their responsibility to advise the host of their service animal and to make sure their service animal meets the criteria set by the State of New Mexico. Adobe Agave's host is happy to provide the service animal definition and requirements upon request.

Last but not least, as light-hearted and decidedly silly evidence that you have read the preceding rules and conditions of rental here at Adobe Agave, the Booking Guest agrees to include an answer to the following question via AirBnB messaging to the host:
1) How do you feel about wearing socks with flip-flops or sandals?
[Please note the host has been known to wear socks with sandals (for real - LOL), though of course not with flip-flops! I hope this info re: the host does not affect your decision to stay at Adobe Agave. Also, rest assured, even though I sometimes wear socks with sandals (usually in winter and with sport sandals), that dubious fashion choice has no reflection upon the decor of Adobe Agave.]

THANK YOU for your patience in reading the preceding!
Adobe Agave's Apt. 2 is:
a light & airy apartment;
a favorite with Adobe Agave's returning guests;
filled with thoughtful touches to make your stay comfortable & enjoyable;
accommodates up to three adults in two beds;
features a full-sized, well-equipped kitchen;
all natural fiber bed & bath linens;
many thoughtful amenities;
and is just a short walk to Historic Downtown, l…




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Quiet, friendly, residential neighborhood, within short walking distance of Boston Hill hiking trail-heads, Historic downtown, WNMU Rec Center and Light Hall.


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Transplanted to New Mexico via Port Townsend WA / Austin TX / Ponce, Puerto Rico. Fell in love with New Mexico in the early ‘70s and always wanted to live here ever since. Finally made the move in 2006 after an early retirement as an Instructional Designer /Technologist in Austin and the NW, when i puchased a 100+ plus year old traditionally built adobe sixplex which became Adobe Agave. I thoroughly enjoy our Adobe Agave guests and realizing our vision of Adobe Agave, along with my daughter and co-host Hallie. Gardening, cooking, photography and the arts, this wondrous “Land of Enchantment” that is New Mexico are my mainstays - next to loved ones and my three indoor “Gangsta Cats” who desperately try train me. i enjoy reading, movies and theater and all manner of performance art. Come stay with us and enjoy our local cultures, art and cultural events, four distinct mild seasons, the beautiful Gila Wilderness and the friendly denizens, wildlife and fauna of Southwest New Mexico. We like happy guests here at Adobe Agave and go out of our way to make your stay here both pleasurable and memorable.
Transplanted to New Mexico via Port Townsend WA / Austin TX / Ponce, Puerto Rico. Fell in love with New Mexico in the early ‘70s and always wanted to live here ever since. Finally…
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Your host lives on site and is always glad to answer questions or offer recommendations on local attractions.
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