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We will pick you then drive to Lehbab desert. During our journey, you will learn about Dubai, its growth and innovations.

We will drive to the centre of the desert on an approximate 60-minute journey to your 1st destination. Upon arrival, stop for about 20 minutes for some warm-up-for safari things such as deflating your 4x4’s tires to suit the desert ride. Take a restroom break before going into the desert while our team is waiting to catch up the convoy, or spend that time enjoying optional Quad bike ride.

Now, Time for dune bashing in the red sand dunes (approx 30-40 minutes). Later, participate in sand boarding in the middle of the desert then drive towards the desert camp,

Upon arrival at the desert camp, catch the sunset, camel ride and enjoy your Gahawa, Dates & Gaymat at your tents as well as dressing your Kandora/ Abaya ( Arabic dress for male and females)

Try out other traditional camp activities - Sheesha smoking, Henna painting. A photo-shoot in Arabic makeover with Falcon.

Next Tanoura dance show followed by BBQ buffet and then Ladies Khaliji Dance, Both the shows will be performed by professionals. At last, we will drop you at your preferred
location / hotel.
Other things to note
Quad bikes are optional with extra cost, recommend not to eat 2-3 hours before the dune bashing to avoid any vomiting/ sickness.
We will pick you then drive to Lehbab desert. During our journey, you will learn about Dubai, its growth and innovations.

We will drive to the centre of the desert on an approximate 60-minute journey to your 1st destination. Upon arrival, stop for about 20 minutes for some warm-up-for safari things such as deflating your 4x4’s tires to suit the desert ride. Take a restroom break before going into the desert while our team is waiting t…


  • 食べ物
    Upon arrival to desert camp you will be served by Arabic Gahwa, Gaymat (swe...
  • ドリンク
    Water during transfers & Unlimited soft drinks at Desert Camp
  • 移動・送迎
    Pickup from anywhere in Dubai and drop off to the same location

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As a matter of fact, we are a group of tour guides keen on breaking the rules of the normal tour operators in Dubai and creating trendsetting ideas like 'Private-Exclusive tours', 'Small Group-Semi Private tours', so on. That is, sharing tours of max 2-3 families. Thus ensuring privacy and best of services that too at economic rates!
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We will be taking you to Lehbab Desert which is the red dunes desert which locates in the middle of Dubai & Sharjah borders

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Experience was really wonderful and our tour guide Naser was very friendly, took us to the perfect places for dune bashing, sandbording and taking pictures and was really helpful with his advice and recommendations on what to check out in Dubai.
This tour was so much fun!! So much better than I thought it would be. Our tour kind was really nice and funny!
Everything about this experience was EXCELLENT! Asif arrived to pick us up before the scheduled time. As soon as we got in the air conditioned vehicle he explained everything we would be doing for the day. Every single thing we did we enjoyed! From the camel ride to the sand boarding and all the activities at the camp. We also really enjoyed the food and the treats. Asif was also an excellent photographer! I would highly recommend this tour…. And request Asif if you can!
The host was very helpful and respectful definitely would recommend this company again to anyone that I know that’s coming to Dubai and want to do Safari adventure
DON’T BOOK! ABSOLUTE TOURIST TRAP + ANIMAL CRUELTY! We usually choose Airbnb experiences specifically to avoid tourist traps like this one, but due to false advertisement, it unfortunately slipped through the cracks. The description of the airbnb experience made it seem like you are in a small tour group and it would be a very personalized experience. WRONG! You are with an individual tour guide for your group, but overall you’re stuck with 100+ people in a tourist trap medieval times kinda thing. Your tour guide will not tell you anything about UAE’s history - in fact he won’t really talk to you at all pretty much. You’re surrounded by cheap touristy shops that sell junk all evening and stuck because you’re in the middle of nowhere (well kinda - you’re surrounded by 10+ other scam places like this, that are all in close proximity). Food? Oh you saw the pictures of little kebab grills and different plates on the tables? Well sucks for you, because YOU’ll get to go to a buffet line and get subpar food instead! Thanks for posting deceiving pictures :) they also somehow managed to serve the worst arabic coffee I’ve ever had. The camel ride is a joke and complete animal abuse. You ride for <10 min in a circle and the poor camels have to carry hundreds of tourists on a regular, all freaking day with no real breaks. They are groaning in agony and nobody cares. Someone seriously needs to shut this place down.
TL/DR: This whole “experience” was a complete tourist trap, waste of time/money, and complicity to animal abuse. Like a time share presentation you can’t escape. Taking a queue from the tour company’s book, I will line item detail the fraud this promotes. First off, shame on me for not seeing all of the red flags that were present in the details. After pick-up at our hotel we were driven into the middle of nowhere on the highway to the Lehbab Desert area and stopped at “warm-up-for safari things”. Our driver Sayed gave us a quick run-down, almost minute-by-minute of the day’s itinerary and then didn’t really say a thing to us the entire rest of the drive. He answered one question about what desert we were going to, but no history, no information about UAE, nothing. So we didn’t, “learn about Dubai, it’s growth and innovations.” as advertised. The guides you thought you were getting, Hamada and Manz, where are they? Don’t know and you’ll never find out, nor talk to them. Away we ride to stop one: Essentially, our first stop was a couple of raggedy shops where roughly 40+ other car safari groups stop at the same time and you can pay extra to ride a 4-wheeler or some dune buggy in a fenced in area (not small, but also very contained given the number of people there). Or you can take a picture with a falcon then ride one of three camels or one horse there, guided by some worker and snap some photos for the couple of mins you ride. Or be accosted by one of the many people trying to give you a poor quality Keffiyeh or sell you a juice. The whole thing was pretty run down and gross, but also we weren’t expecting the 4 Seasons or anything. After 30 mins of waiting, we’re off to dune bashing! Dune bashing was probably the only real fun thing, but ever then it was a well worn path and some spots do hit pretty hard. Whatever, it was to be expected, but like I said, it was the highlight. We then stopped for sand boarding and pictures, which was basically Sayed hurrying us along with very minimal directions. The pictures weren’t even that good, as they show nothing of where we are. Just us with sand in the background, no dunes or mountains or anything. If you fall down while boarding? Oh well, get back up and hurry back to the top so we can pass the board along. Don’t worry though, you aren’t even strapped to the board at all and the area you go to has been used so many times it has some nice grooves and dips that you’ll definitely hit on the way down. While you wait for your turn, enjoy the car exhaust as at least a dozen vehicles will be running the entire time you are there just meters away. Then we have to hurry up to the next stop. Remember, Sayed told you in the very beginning the itinerary, so no need for him to talk between stops. He will occasionally ask if you are ok/like what is happening once when you first get back in, but it is in a manner that makes you feel on the spot and very uncomfortable if you say anything but, “yeah, sure” with a half-hearted smile or thumbs up. Next you arrive at the “Bedouin camp”. Remember how the ad mentioned sharing tours with 2-3 other families maximum? Remember, that is just your vehicle. The “authentic Bedouin camp” experience is really just “Al Khayma (OceanAir Travels Desert Camp)” as it appears on Google Maps. You arrive with roughly 20+ other SUVs in different little convoys. You arrive and get ushered over to the camels. We had a romanticized vision of what this would be like, but this was the complete opposite. This was probably five groups of camels, with each group being three camels tied together. You get on without any real help or safety guidance other than, “hold this bar really tight” and the camels are walked in about a 30-yard circle or so. The entire time the camels are muzzled and they make sounds like they are distressed and or hurting, but everyone just brushes it off. We almost backed out (and in hindsight, really should have), but felt pressured to get on. Then some rando working there is taking pictures and gives you a ticket to buy them later. Then even saw we weren’t into it and kept insisting on us to smile and pose. The whole thing left us very ashamed we had participated and the sounds from the camels will probably haunt us for some time. You can tell they are overused too as you’ll see them doing this same route over and over again all night long for the couple of hours you are there. Want a picture with a camel without a muzzle? Sure, there is one tied to a fence in a small pen near the entrance to “the camp”. Afterwards we were taken into “the camp” and shown our table (table #47) and brought into a tent. In the tent we were offered Arabic coffee or tea from thermoses and dates. The coffee was the worst we’ve had during our entire two week trip. If that’s not your thing, there are coolers with unlimited water and sodas. Also, in the corner are “traditional Arab clothes” if you want to maximize your experience and play Halloween. They have hooka, henna, and like 2-3 other shops where they have that same forceful, pushy “buy, buy, buy” feeling as when you are in a real Souq, but here it isn’t even charming, just very annoying and off putting. We went to the dunes for the sunset after which we never saw our “guide” Sayed again until the dinner/show was over. Which made sense as to why he asked if we needed anything in our backpack before leaving it in the vehicle. Didn’t think anything of it, but it was because Sayed will leave while you are there. Where to? No clue. We went to the top of a dune for some sunset photos and even the background was as bland as possible. It’s the desert dunes, how do you even screw that up? There is trash on one side of the dune you are on and the endless trodding along of camels on the other side. At this point we just went back and sat at the table. Then we heard the PA system announce in the most Disney-like announcer voice, “Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the blah, blah, blah”, it was basically confirming that you were in a tourist trap, dinner theater if you hadn’t noticed before. Unlike all of the hooky Medieval Times-like places you’ve ever been to or bad rides you’ve been on, you can’t just up and leave here. You are stuck, in the middle of nowhere, with no way out until the whole thing is over. The first “show” eventually began with Disney-announcer telling you a three-line description of what it was complete with all of the expected horrible puns added. The dance was interesting I guess, but I still had no clue what we were watching and the music is pre-recorded and blarring out of the speakers near you. Plus, something about cheap neon lighting that comes on midway through really takes you out of the “traditional dance” feeling and into lame, cringy territory. After that show is over and the Disney-announcer completes more lame jokes you’ll wait for probably 30 mins or so with no clear guidance other than go see the 2-3 stores there or hold a falcon chained to a glove. The next dancers came on and did their thing, but it wasn’t belly dancing. The Khaliji dancers came, did their thing, and left in a hurry to an awaiting jeep, which made us joke that they were probably going to another nearby “camp”. When we pulled up Google Maps we saw there were ELEVEN other “camps” within our general radius (maybe a couple kms or so). At one point we heard the same music from the Khaliji dancers coming from one of these camps in the distance. During the Khaliji dancers routine, they announcer stopped the show to point out a birthday and we all did that super lame clap along, singing of Happy Birthday as the guy was drug out on stage. Next, our Disney-like friend announced we’d be having an authentic BBQ dinner buffet, just go behind the tents and get it. Yes, a buffet! No service to your table, nothing authentic, just bland, mass cooked food in chafing dishes and even drier meat on overcooked skewers. Later desert will be bread pudding (I think) and a food salad. Yay! Finally, after about 45 mins or so, the fire dancer came on. It was entertaining in the sense that it is fire being swung around. It was also like watching a talented street performer though. Finally, let’s turn out the lights and gave at the desert stars for 5 mins. Oh wait, there is still too much light pollution and you can’t see anything really besides a couple stars and several airplanes because you are in a flight path. We arrived at the end where we are all set free to find our tour guides like children searching for their teacher at the end of recess. Then a quick ride back to the highway to pull off and wait in the car for 10 mins so Sayed can refill the tires. Then enjoy your quiet ride back to your hotel with no one talking, just contemplating how everyone in the vehicle just got completely screwed over and sold lies. It was essentially a time share presentation you couldn’t escape, similar to the South Park episode about Aspen. It basically ruined a lot about the Emirates to me and felt so dishonest that I’ll think really hard about ever coming back to the country in the future. I hope this read wasn’t as painful as the day was to us. Just remember to be aware of all the red flags before ever booking with OceanAir Travels and if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t worry though, they’ll write a long response I can’t comment on and assure you that I’m the problem. Isn’t it weird that they have so many glowing reviews, but attack anyone with under 4- or 5-stars? Shame on Air BnB for allowing this company to operate as an Air BnB experience.


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